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Dwight Phetteplace: Wedding Music Lists

Wedding Song List

Contact me today to talk about choosing music or to ask about a particular song:       603-942-5754




Below are some lists of  the music I perform most frequently at weddings, instrumental and vocal. This will give you an idea of the types of music I play. It also might give you some ideas...even if you don't hire me.


As you look down the list, you'll see some interesting and unusual wedding songs. Many of them were added to my repertoire' because they were meaningful for  a particular couple. So, if you don't see something that fits, we’ll work together to find the music that will mean the most to you.  I always enjoy working with clients to provide the music to help make their weddings unique and special. If I don’t know it, I can usually learn a particular special song for you if I have sufficient lead time, but as my bookings fill that becomes difficult---another reason to book early.







*Instrumental guitar is the usual choice for pre-ceremony and ceremony, and sometimes cocktail hour. Everyone loves guitar, and it has a relaxed, gentle elegance perfect for weddings .

*Instrumentals are fingerstyle arrangements on steel string guitar or nylon-stringed classical guitar.

*I am also a singer ( kind of James Taylor style), so that opens a whole different set of options...especially for recessionals. I have listed some of those farther below:


*Below are some of the songs that I have played as guitar instrumentals for ceremonies

                                              Classical Instrumentals:

 Canon in D- Pachelbel                                           Ode to Joy-Beethoven

 Fur Elise- Beethoven                                             Jesu’ Joy of Man’s Desiring- Bach

 La Campanella Paganini                                          Bouree’ Em- Bach

 Romanza- Traditional Spanish; composer debated       Minuet in G-Bach

Air on A G String Bach                                           Ave Maria- Schubert

Prelude to Cello Suite Bach                                     Wedding March -Mendelssoh

 Bridal Chorus(Here Comes the Bride)-Wagner              Pathetique Adagio – Beethoven

Trumpet Voluntary - Purcell                                  


                                                Some Traditional Instrumentals:

 Greensleeves- trad.                                               Over the Rainbow- Arlen and Harburg

 Simple Gifts- trad                                                  Scarborough Fair- trad.

 The Water is Wide- trad.                                        Amazing Grace- trad

  I’ll Fly Away - trad                                                 Ste. Anne’s Reel- trad                             

 The Rights of Man-trad                                           I am Yours - Hymn

 When Love Is Found - Hymn


                                                               Beatles Instrumentals:

 Here Comes The Sun - G. Harrison                            All You Need Is Love- Lennon and McCartney

 In My Life - Lennon and McCartney                           I Will – P McCartney

 Here There and Everywhere Lennon and McCartney      Let It Be –J Lennon

 And I Love Her – Lennon and McCartney                    When I’m 64 –Lennon and McCartney


                                                     Other Instrumentals

 Hallelujah- L Cohen                                                 Marry Me -Train

 Falling Slowly-The Frames                                        Indiana Jones Theme

 Wonderful Tonight- E Clapton                                   How Sweet It Is  - J. Taylor

 You’ve Got a Friend- C. King/J. Taylor                        Both Sides Now -J. Mitchell

 Make You Feel My Love – B Dylan                              Sunshine Of My Life - S. Wonder

 So This Is Love - Disney                                          All I Want Is You – from Juno

 Let it be Me- Bécaud, Curtis, Delanoë                         Unchained Melody- Zaret and North

 Morning has Broken- Farjeon                                         Edie ( Ciao Baby)- The Cult    

 Can’t Help Falling in Love with You - Weiss              Top of the World- Carpenters

 Moon River - Mercer and Mancini                                What A Wonderful World- Weiss 

 Fields of Gold-Sting                                                        Just Breathe - Pearl Jam

 Edie- the Cult                                                                    Free- Zach Brown Band




*Quite often couples will have me sing during the ceremony. This is effective if you have a particular special song, where the lyrics are probably important to you, but the song may not be as familiar to all the guests. As a rule, these personal songs make better vocals than instrumentals.


*Vocals make a great choice for recessional, or for the bridal processional, especially if the wedding party first enters to something very traditional, like The Canon in D . This sets the tone for the more traditional-minded guests, and still allows the bride to enter to her special song.


*Here are some songs that I have sung as part of ceremonies recently. There have been many others , often learned for particular clients.


*I have also included  songs that I performed for "First Dance"s or "Parent Dance"s. This is one of my favorite parts as a singer, because it is so romantic to dance to live music...very cool.


*If you have a special song that’s not here, I can usually make it ask:


Marry Me -Train                                                 Over the Rainbow- Arlen and Harburg

You and I - I Michaelson                                    Just Breathe - Pearl Jam

Wonderful World – L Armstrong                             Annie's Song - J Denver

I Will – P McCartney                                           When You Say Nothing- A. Krause

The Book Of Love – Magnetic Fields ( P Gabriel)       Luckiest- Ben Folds

Here There and Everywhere Lennon and McCartney  First Day Of My Life- Bright Eyes

All I Want Is You – B L Polisar ( from Juno)              And I Love Her – Lennon and McCartney

The Wedding Song ( There is Love) -N P Stookey                                  

When I’m 64 –Lennon and McCartney               The Way You Look Tonight - F Sinatra

Tupelo Honey – V Morrison                                   Make You Feel My Love – B Dylan

Sunshine Of My Life - S. Wonder                           Looking Back On Today - Ataris

You Are The Best Thing- R Lamontagne                  Into The Mystic - Van Morrison

If Not For You - B. Dylan                                         Sail Away - D. Grey

Memories Of Us - K. Urban                                      I Won't Give Up On Us - J Mraz

Count on Me - Bruno Mars                                       Free - Zach Brown Band

Question - Old 97's                                                    Come To Me - Goo Goo Dolls

Dream, Dream - Everly Brothers                                     Grow Old With You - Adam Sandler



                          Some Other Recent "First dance/ Parent Dance" Vocals

                             (Of course, some those above have also been used as for dances )

 Home to You - J M Montgomery                               Landslide- Fleetwood Mac

Someone Like You- V Morrison                                 How Sweet It Is - J Taylor

The Man In Me - B Dylan                                        Once in a Lifetime -K Urban

Danny's Song - K Loggins                                        Father and Daughter- P Simon

Let It Be - J Lennon                                               Sweet Baby James - J Taylor

You Belong to Me- Duprees                                      Child of Mine- C King

Wonderful Tonight - E Clapton                                  Mama's Song - C Underwood

Tough Little Boys- G Allan                                        Grow Old With You- a Sandler

You've Got a Friend in Me - R Newman                        Stand By Me - S Cooke

Songbird - E Cassidy                                                Better Together - J Johnson

Then - B Paisley                                                      Ain't Misbehavin -F Waller, et al

Time In A Bottle - J Croce                                         Forever Young - B Dylan

 Broken Road - Rascal Flats                                      A Thousand Years - C. Peri










*Your cocktail hour and dinner music can help make a transition of mood and atmosphere from the the ceremony toward the reception...from elegant toward relaxed celebration.


* Sometimes couples choose instrumental guitar for cocktail hour, but, in my experience, relaxed low key vocals are better received by guests.


*This is a typical list I work from, in no particular order. Your guests will have a variety of tastes, so I try to mix it up, and watch the folks in front of me. It will give you an idea of the type of music I would provide during your cocktails and/or dinner.



WHEN I’M 64 ( Lennon and McCartney)                      SWEET BABY JAMES ( J Taylor)

YOU AND I ( I Michaelson)                           ME AND JULIO ( P Simon)                                      


MAKE YOU FEEL MY LOVE ( B Dylan)                          BLUE SUEDE SHOES ( C Perkins)

ROMEO AND JULIET ( Dire Straits)                             LUCKIEST ( B Folds)

WAGON WHEEL (Old Crow Medicine Show)                  INTO THE MYSTIC ( V Morrison)

MARGARITAVILLE II (J. Buffett)                                 HEART OF GOLD ( N. Young)

I WILL (P. McCartney)                                             LANDSLIDE ( S Nicks)

HALLELUJAH ( L Cohen)                                            PEACEFUL EASY FEELING ( Eagles)

CLOSER TO FINE ( Indigo Girls)                                  RING OF FIRE ( J Carter Cash)

ME AND BOBBI MCGEE ( K. Kristofferson)                      MOONSHADOW (C. Stevens)

I SHOT THE SHERIFF ( B Marley)                                 BOJANGLES (J. Jeff Walker)

BROKEN ROAD ( Rascal Flats)                                      IF NOT FOR YOU ( B Dylan)

MAKE ME A PALLET (trad.)                                         GARDEN PARTY (R. Nelson)

LEADER OF THE BAND ( D. Fogelberg)                           LEAVIN ON A JET PLANE ( J. Denver)

YOU"VE GOT A FRIEND ( C King/J. Taylor)                      CIRCLE GAME ( J. Mitchell)

FIRST DAY ( Bright Eyes)                                           TIME IN A BOTTLE ( J Croce)

HOUSE OF THE RISING SUN ( Trad)                              CITY OF NEW ORLEANS (S. Goodman)

DOCK OF THE BAY ( O Redding)                                   PIANO MAN (B. Joel)

I GET TO COME HOME TO YOU ( J.M. Montgomery)          DUST IN THE WIND ( Kansas)


MARRY ME ( Train)                                                     EARLY MORNING RAIN (G. Lightfoot)

ONE LOVE  (B. Marley)                                                ROCKY RACOON (Lennon, McCartney)

LONG MAY YOU RUN (N. Young)                                    FRIEND OF THE DEVIL ( Grateful Dead)

DON’T THINK TWICE (B. Dylan)                                     PANCHO AND LEFTY (T. Van Zandt)


LET IT BE ( Lennon and McCartney)                              CAT"S IN THE CRADLE ( H Chapin)

ANGEL FROM MONTGOMERY (J Prine)                          HIGHWAY PATROLMAN ( B. Springsteen)

PUFF N. P. Stookey)                                     WRECK OF THE EDMUND FITZGERALD (G. Lightfoot) 

LONG MAY YOU RUN (Neil Young)                                 KEY TO THE HIGHWAY (trad)

CRAZY ( W Nelson)                                                   CHEATIN HEART (H. Williams)

SING OUT (C. Stevens)                                              WONDERFUL TONIGHT ( E Clapton)

WHEN YOU SAY NOTHING (A. Krause)                           LYING EYEs Eagles

BAD MOON RISIN" ( CCR)                                            ALWAYS A WOMAN ( B Joel)

PEACEFUL EASY FEELING ( D. Henly)                             GLORY OF LOVE

CECILIA ( P Simon)                                                    FOREVER YOUNG (B. Dylan)

DANNYS SONG I (K. Loggins)                                       TUPELO HONEY ( V Morrison) 

GAMBLER (K. Rogers)                                                  BIG YELLOW TAXI ( J Mitchell)

YOUR SONG ( E John)                                                 COME TO BOSTON (D. Messina)

TEACH YOUR CHILDREN (C. N. S. Y)                              COUNTRY ROADS ( J Denver)

CHANGES IN LATITUDE ( J. Buffett)                               THAT’S ALLRIGHT MAMA ( Elvis)

THE WEIGHT ( the Band)                                                  FIRE AND RAIN ( J Taylor)

YOU AIN"T GOIN NOWHERE ( B Dylan)                          WAKE UP MAGGIE MAY ( R Steward)


Contact me today to talk about choosing music or to ask about a particular song:       603-942-5754






















































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































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