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Dwight Phetteplace: Client Reviews

Awesome musician!   

Dwight was an absolute pleasure to work with. From the beginning, he was warm and welcoming and always responded promptly to me. We used him for music during our ceremony and cocktail hour and the acoustic guitar was exactly what we were looking for and fit in perfect with the vibe that we were going for with our wedding. It was romantic and relaxed at the same time. Dwight was able to give us some great suggestions and was extremely flexible with the music that I wanted and was also able to switch it up when I wanted to change the ceremony music a few weeks before the wedding. I highly recommend Dwight for your wedding ceremony, cocktail hour and/or reception. He will be an excellent addition and will likely be the easiest and most stress free vendor that you work with.

Kristen and John; married 9/27/14 York, ME               Originally posted and verified on TheKnot

Wedding 9/27/14

Look no further...Dwight is the best!   

Dwight was perfect in every way! At our first meeting he immediately clued into my husbands and my style and guided us through picking the perfect songs for the ceremony and dances-songs that were unique and special to us. He was thorough and addressed many details we had not even considered! Throughout the planning process he was available and knowledgeable, answering any questions I had. On the day of the wedding, he was flexible, professional, and personable creating a very relaxed atmosphere complete with smiles and laughter, which for an uptight bride like me was exactly what I needed! Everybody loved his cocktail hour; we are still getting compliments about his musicality and diverse repertoire! My husband had a special request and surprised me by asking Dwight if he could sing our last dance song instead of playing a recorded version. Dwight gladly played the song and did an amazing job-it was so perfect and unexpected I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way! His music created the perfect atmosphere for our ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception; he was truly a perfect fit for our special day!

Danielle and Ryan; married 10/11/14, Beaufort, NC         Originally posted and verified on WeddingWire

Wedding 10/11/14

I recently got married in Bar Harbor Maine and Dwight was our musician. Dwight was prompt in getting back to me with all the questions I had, and he was extremely professional in all aspects. He was a delight to communicate with, and he made me feel very much at ease, especially since I was putting together a wedding from another state. Dwight's musical skills both singing and instrumental are wonderful, and I would recommend him to anyone who is in need of hiring a musician for their wedding in the surrounding areas. He was a great choice that helped make my wedding day a complete success!

Thanks so much Dwight!

Jessica and Justin married 9/5/14 Bar Harbor ,ME;     review originally verified and posted on TheKnot

wedding 9/5/14

I found Dwight on a while back when I started the wedding planning process. He was very quick to respond to my initial e-mail and was extremely friendly and willing to help us with our wedding ceremony. He made an extra effort to meet with my husband and I (for pizza!) to discuss the ceremony, the music and other details that WE didn't even think of. He was very kind and talkative, getting to know us as a couple and really showed that he cared about his role in our wedding. I had a special request that he collaborate with my cousin's wife for a song during the ceremony. They connected before the wedding via email/phone and met before the ceremony to practice. I had goosebumps when she started singing and he started playing the guitar. It was simply beautiful. I absolutely love the sound of the guitar and it was very fitting for our wedding. He helped our officiant get set up with a microphone beforehand and I didn't worry one bit about anything, because I knew he had it all under control. After the ceremony, he played for our cocktail hour and we received so many compliments about the music. I highly recommend Dwight for a wedding or any other function. He was a pleasure to work with and he played a big part in making our day so special. If you want to be worry free and know you're in good hands, you should work with Dwight. We highly recommend him and we are so grateful he was able to share his talent with us on our wedding day!

Kelly and Oliver  Married 6/28/14, York ME;    Review originally verified and posted on TheKnot

Wedding 6/28/14

Look no further, Dwight is the one!   

My husband and I got married in late April and had the privilege and honor of having Dwight as our ceremony musician. Our ceremony took place in a beautiful chapel and I wanted to walk down the aisle to a simple instrumental solo guitar version of the intro part of the song called "Edie (Ciao Baby)" by The Cult. Now...please don't judge based on the name of the group. :) The intro to that song is really beautiful (especially when it's stripped down to a solo guitar) and as Dwight pointed out, not only does it have a lot of classical elements to it, but it also fit perfectly with the look and feel of this chapel. When researching musicians, I was a little scared to tell them of my idea because I thought they might think I'm crazy based on the name of the group, but when I contacted Dwight, we both had a good chuckle about it and I thought to myself that not only does he have a great sense of humor and goes with the flow, but he was also so opened-minded and said he would be happy to "learn" the intro part of that song for us! about dedication!!! We hit it off instantly and got to know Dwight in the weeks that followed and absolutely loved working with him! He is so incredibly talented and gifted and he is professional, reliable and welcomes ideas and loves to collaborate. He also has a beautiful voice. So much so that he sang "One Love" by Bob Marley for our recessional (along with his guitar) and it was beautiful! I should also note that Dwight's rates are extremely reasonable and he is very prompt to respond, should you have any questions. In a nutshell, whether you would like a traditional wedding and would like classic music to play during your ceremony, or if you're like me and would like to go the more non-traditional route, Dwight knows it all and if he doesn't know it, he'll learn it! Finally, I'm happy to report that Dwight has added "Edie (Ciao Baby)" to his website. It truly has a beautiful intro and he wanted to share it with others and I love that! Dwight is simply amazing. I strongly encourage future brides to contact him because I promise you, you won't be disappointed! Booking Dwight for our wedding was the best decision we made and our guests still rave about how beautiful the music was at our ceremony. Thanks, Dwight!

Kim and Paul; married 4/26/14, Lancaster NH:    Review originally verified and posted on TheKnot

Wedding 4/26/14

perfect wedding guitarist - book and you won't be disappointed!!   

I have absolutely only 100% positive things to say about Dwight. He is personable, professional, and prompt with responses. Moreover, he is genuinely enthusiastic and passionate about playing music for your big day and invests himself 100% in making your vision come true. We worked with Dwight long-distance to plan a wedding in NH, at an outdoor tented lake-side ceremony. We hired him for the ceremony and cocktail hour. We had to move indoors at the last moment due to rain, so he ended up playing for the ceremony as well as for the receiving line in the church afterwards. He played all instrumental pieces and did a beautiful job. We got numerous compliments on his playing and he timed everything beautifully. We actually didn't have a wedding or ceremony coordinator, but with Dwight's help and his attendance at our rehearsal, we were able to plan and time everything out on our own. He was one of our favorite vendors to work with. Great guy and talented. It was a great decision to hire him for our wedding! Thanks Dwight!

Mike and Sara, married 8/24/13, Alton Bay NH;  Review originally verified and posted on TheKnot

Wedding 8/24/13

We recently got married in York Harbor, ME and had a beautiful outdoor ocean-side ceremony. We hired Dwight to play during our ceremony and cocktail hour, and it was the best decision we could have made. Everyone was SO impressed with his skills! From day one, Dwight was so enthusiastic to work with us and just really supportive and positive throughout the entire wedding planning process. We could not have asked for a kinder, easier vendor to work with. As a couple, and a guitar player myself, the music was one of the most important aspects of our wedding day, and Dwight definitely nailed it. He worked with us to make our ceremony and cocktail hour music personal to our style, and even learned to play a couple new songs for us (one for our recessional and one for the cocktail hour)! We would highly recommend him to anyone, without hesitation!

Yvonne, married 7/20/13, York, ME ;    Review originally posted and verified on TheKnot

Wedding 7/20/13

There is no denying Dwight is an exceptionally talented musician as well as an amazing person to work with. Dwight recently performed during the ceremony and cocktail hour at our June 22nd wedding in Waterville Valley, NH and it could not have been more perfect. Leading up to the wedding Dwight and I frequently communicated over email and he even took some time on a Saturday morning to meet me and my now husband to plan everything out. During that meeting he really got to know us as we talked about everything from our work to hobbies and of course our ideas for music. Then came the big day. In our meeting we decided that he would sing the song I walked down the aisle to. It could not have been more romantic. My only regret is that I could not be at the cocktail hour to hear him play as we were off doing the whole picture thing. What made it worse is that all of my guests loved him and his guitar. At the end of the day, you may find musicians that charge less, but let me tell you I would have paid Dwight double his asking price after working with him. He is a true professional in both the wedding and music industry. I will definitely be looking for an excuse to work with him. Probably not another wedding (for me personally), but an anniversary party perhaps. :)

Christine married 6/22/13  Waterville Valley, NH ; Originally posted and verified on TheKnot

Wedding 6/22/13

Look no further - Dwight is who you are looking for. He played guitar at our ceremony and at our 2 hour cocktail reception and he was phenomenal. His playing was a mix of acoustic guitar and guitar with vocals, and it was just perfect. We received so many compliments on the music - you will not regret hiring him! He is extremely responsive to emails and phone calls, and very thorough in understanding exactly what you want/the schedule/how things are going to go. It's clear how much he cares. I never had any doubt the music would be just as we pictured. Thanks again Dwight for making our wedding so wonderful!

Megan and Andy married 12/15/12: review originally posted and verified on

wedding 12/15/12

Amazing Music!!    posted 1/16/2013

Dwight played during our wedding ceremony this past December and he truly made the ceremony amazing. He was extremely personable and professional during the entire process and set up time to meet with us prior to the wedding to get a better understanding of what we were looking for, including the style/theme of our wedding. He gave us some great suggestions and was also very accomodating to any requests we had. The day of the ceremony, he arrived early and prepared. The music (guitar and singing) was fantastic and made a huge difference in our ceremony! We would not have asked for anything more!!

Cara ; Originally posted and verified on

Wedding 12/8/12

I simply cannot say enough good things about working with Dwight Phetteplace. He played guitar for our pre-ceremony, ceremony, cocktail hour and dinner, and then plugged our iPod into his sound equipment for the reception. He was an absolute joy to work with, from the moment we first spoke with him on the phone, to the moment the reception ended. He learned two songs for our ceremony that I requested, and played them beautifully, and was always very responsive to my questions and requests. Out of all the vendors for our wedding, I really think he was my favorite, and his rate is beyond reasonable. You will not be disappointed by hiring Dwight to do the music for your wedding.

Lauren and Tim; August 2012 ; originally posted and verified on 

Wedding 8/18/12 (Aug 22, 2012)

We LOVE Dwight!! My husband and I first saw Dwight's ad in a NH Bride book & went undercover to watch him play at a local venue to see if he was any good. Without knowing that we were scoping him out, Dwight came over and talked to us while he was taking a break, which was a big plus! We knew he was an amazing musician within minutes of watching him play, but when he came over to talk to us we knew he was what we were looking for. Dwight was the first vendor we booked for our wedding, before we even had a date set or a venue. Dwight played for our ceremony, cocktail hour, & dinner, then we switched to an ipod playlist for people to dance, and Dwight closed out the night with some slower wind-down songs. Dwight was a perfect fit for our style and all of our guests loved him. Dwight made our ceremony music so personal and even learned our first dance song, which sounded amazing. I would definitely recommend Dwight to any bride looking for an alternative to the boring DJ who manufactures the same wedding every weekend. Dwight brings something special and unique to your day, and is a talented musician with a genuine down-to-earth personality. We had nothing but the best compliments from our guests about Dwight; everyone was so impressed and liked that he played loudly enough during dinner that you could hear him, but quietly enough that the guests could still talk to each other. Booking Dwight was the best decision we made for our wedding!

Sam and Amber : originally posted and verified on    11/25/12

Wedding 10/13/12 (Nov 25, 2012)

Wonderful music   

Working with Dwight to plan the music for our ceremony and cocktail hour was a wonderful experience. He is extremely organized and kind, and had great suggestions for us that helped us make the day memorable (and less stressful!) I appreciated that he took the time to learn two songs for us (one for the recessional and one for the cocktail hour), both of which were performed wonderfully. I would recommend him whole heartedly to any bride (or groom) out there!

Abigail - Originally posted and verified by


Wedding 8/11/12 (Sep 15, 2012)
Dwight truly cares about his work!   

Dwight was such a pleasure to work with and he even custom-designed a special song for the father/daughter entrance to my ceremony. He was accomodating and met my husband and I at a rest stop, guitar in hand, to go over our musical selections! He was so excited about his work and truly listened to what we had in mind for our special day. Dwight is the best!

Kayla and Matt : originally posted and verified on


Wedding 9/15/12 (Oct 11, 2012)

Awesome Wedding Musician!    

Dwight was an absolute pleasure to work with throughout the entire process of selecting and previewing music. He was enthusiastic and easy to talk to since the first time we spoke on the phone. He went out of his way to meet with us to review music and always followed up with e-mails or phone calls to make sure he got all the needed info. He has a wonderful selection of music to choose from and is happily willing to learn your favorite song, as he did for our first dance. People are still talking about not only how great his music was, but how friendly he was! We couldn't be happier with our decision to have Dwight play at our wedding!

 Originally osted and verified on 8/9/12

Wedding 7/15/12 (Aug 9, 2012)

The Best!    

I was recently married on 9/21/12 and hired Dwight to play during my wedding ceremony. He was an absolute pleasure to work with! Not only does he have a great sense of humor he was willing to try to compose whatever we asked. He was always ready and willing to help wherever he could and was always prompt in returning phone calls and emails. I would highly reccomend Dwight, he was a wonderful highlight to our day :-)

Originally posted and verified on

Wedding 9/21/12 (Oct 3, 2012)

Exceeds Expectations   

We hired Dwight to play the pre-ceremony, the ceremony, and to play couple of sets during the reception. What we got was so much more; Dwight provided a comprehensive music and organization package, and was really invaluable throughout our entire wedding. Not only was he a great guitar player, with an excellent repertoire of songs, but he also provided two PA systems with microphones, and monitored our iTunes playlist throughout the evening. Dwight was professional, courteous, and was simply an outstanding addition to our wedding day. This guy loves his job, and he was highly invested in our wedding. We could not recommend him more highly.

Zoe and Robin; originally posted and verified on

Wedding 7/21/12 (Aug 20, 2012)

I was extremely happy that I hired Dwight to play guitar and sing at my wedding this fall. When we first met, I wasn't sure what I wanted played at the ceremony and it was apparent right away that he really wanted to help us choose music that was unique to the atmosphere we wanted to create for our wedding. He was always quick to respond to my emails and was even willing to ride up a ski lift for my mountain top wedding on a cold fall day. Dwight is a tremendously talented musician and I would highly recommend him! :)

Lindsey; Originally posted and verified on Wedding

Wedding 9/29/12 (Nov 7, 2012)

Wonderful through and through!!! 

Dwight was an absolute pleasure! We hired him to play during our wedding ceremony and he was perfect. His laid back attitude along with his love of music make for a perfect experience. We would highly recommend him to any bride looking for an acoustic guitarist! 

Thanks again Dwight!!! My guests are still talking about what a wonderful job you did :) 

Maura & Chris Originally posted and verified on

Wedding 9/21/12 (Oct 14, 2012)

What an absolute joy it was to work with Dwight. He played music for our ceremony & cocktail hour, even learning one of my favorite songs Bach's "Cello Suite No. 1" to walk down the aisle to - which made the moment even more magical. He is not only an incredibly talented artist, but an incredibly kind and thoughtful person. I only regret that I was unable to say thank you on the day of.

Christina ; originally posted and verified on

Wedding 9/22/12 (Oct 14, 2012)

amazing musician! 

Dwight played for our May 12th wedding in Kennebunkport. He was so great to work with and extremely professional. He played for our cocktail hour and also our reception. He sang a Brad Paisley song for our first dance, which he learned in only 2 weeks and he sounded incredible. Everyone loved his voice and he also played our playlist for dancing throughout the night. By the end of the wedding he was more like a friend or relative. Next big event we have I will definitely make sure he is a part of it!

Michelle and Mike 5/12/12 originally posted and verified on TheKnot

Wedding 5/12/12 (May 20, 2012)


    Hire this man ! 

    I couldn't possibly recommend Dwight any more. From the first day to the day of, Dwight was 100 percent professional and even more personable. He worked with us every step along the way to make sure the music at our wedding was everything we wanted it to be. And, in the end, it proved to be even better. Dwight set the tone for our ceremony perfectly. He has a beautiful touch with the guitar, a perfect, natural soundtrack. And he knew how to read the crowd perfectly during the cocktail hour. I can't tell you how many complements we got afterwards. There are so many headaches with planning a wedding, so many things to worry about. Dwight isn't one of them. He does everything he can to make it as easy on you as possible, and he succeeds. He makes communication quick and easy, and, in the end, he leaves you with the perfect soundtrack for your day. We are so glad that we made Dwight a part of our wedding, and we know you will be too.

     -Anna and Jake   originally posted and verified on

(Oct 30, 2011)
No Need To Search Further  
I recently got married on New Year's Eve 2010 and had Dwight sing/play for my wedding. To start, I was planning my wedding in Vermont all the way from Texas and Dwight was absolutely fabulous with communication from pre-booking straight through the end of our wedding day. Not only was Dwight very professional, but he was so personable as well. He was really a delight to work with. He's just one of those people that you automatically feel comfortable with. We had Dwight play for our ceremony and his skills as a guitarist were a beautiful accent to our day. We also had Dwight continue on to play a portion of our cocktail hour as well as during the entirety of our wedding dinner. He really did know the perfect balance and volume levels to be heard but not overpowering our guests' conversations. Not only was his music wonderful, but Dwight chatted with our guests when approached and was just a delight to have around. From one bride to the next, you will not regret booking Dwight for your big day. He is a professional and just all around great guy! Book him! If I ever have another need for a musician... I'll call Dwight in an instant! Thank you Dwight!
Cameron  Quechee, Vt ; orignally posted and verified on TheKnot
(Jan 1, 2011)



      From my initial phone call with Dwight, I was thrilled. He showed such excitement and enthusiasm. In addition to being an amazing musician, he was truly a pleasure to work with and really helped make our special day perfect. Dwight went out of his way to make sure that we got to hear the songs that were important to us. Having Dwight part of our wedding celebration was one of the best decisions that we could have made!

      originally posted and verified on

  •           Best Wedding Musician Ever!!!!  
(Oct 16, 2011)
The Perfect Accompaniment   

My husband & I were wed in Meredith, NH in September, 2010 in a relaxed, elegant, yet fun wedding; the day was amazing & Dwight was a huge part of that. From the first contact, Dwight was an absolute pleasure to work with - his experience & ideas were so helpful in keeping me (the distracted bride) on track and helping to make our day be what we hoped for. I never once had to wonder or check up on him, he was always one step ahead of me - professionally prepared. Dwight played some lovely classical acoustic for pre-ceremony, the processional & recessional, leading into some more upbeat classic & folk tunes during the reception. He also played music from our IPod as the night progressed & finished out the evening with some light 'wind-down' music. His knack for reading the guests' mood for appropriate music was spot-on; it was always perfect. Dwight was such a wonderful man to work with, he made our day just amazing! Highly recommended for both his talent & professionalism - you can't go wrong with Dwight!

- Missy,  Meredith, NH ; originally posted and verified on TheKnot

(Sep 16, 2010)
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